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Mentor Mondays – Take the ball and run with it


One of the jobs of a football coach is to be a mentor to his players; as a side benefit, his words of wisdom can also inspire the rest of us.  In this episode of Mentor Mondays – which seemed especially fitting today, the day after the Big Game – Jeff Petsche discusses how football and real estate have much in common, particularly when it comes to what is and isn’t worth worrying about.

In previous videos, Jeff has talked about the importance of having a business plan and following it.  It’s not enough to just get good quality information in front of you, whether it be a sign-in at an open house or a lead from ReboGateway, you have to have a plan of action as well.  Importantly, that plan of action needs to focus on what we can control, such as how quickly we return phone calls, rather than on external factors, such as rumors of potential new laws.  Just like a football team must focus on the game they’re playing, not on the other games the same day which will affect their playoff prospects, it does real estate professionals no good to worry about things like mortgage interest rates which will change (or stay the same) no matter how much much energy we spend watching the numbers.

Ideally, as Jeff suggests, you should evaluate your business plan before the beginning of the year (and, admittedly, this video was originally supposed to be posted at the end of 2012).  However, self-improvement is an ongoing process, and this timeless advice can help your business game whether you’re watching it before the coin flip, at halftime, as a break from reviewing post-season film, or while recovering from your championship celebrations.


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