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Hi I’m Tom Iovenitti bringing you this ReboReport from the California Association of Realtors Convention here in Long Beach California. Today we’re going to walk around the convention floor and interview several of the vendors that are here to find out just what’s going on out there in the realtor community and how they’re perceiving their product is going to better the things that real estate people do. So I want to thank you for coming today watching our video and again this is Tom Iovenitti ReboReports bringing you this from the California Association of Realtors in Long Beach, California. Eric tell us about Cort Furniture and what it is that you do for the realtor well Cort Furniture we do several things we are able to provide staging for homes its if you have a vacant home and you have that that bonus room that you can’t tell exactly what the shape is how what could actually fit in there we can paint that picture and we’re able to were able to place of furniture in there and give people an idea of what would actually fit in it with so when you’re doing this to you actually have to go to the house first and determine what it is that you might want to bring out there and give the homeowners some idea so that if the home already has other furniture that kind of fits the circumstances yes yeah we’re able to actually join in with the actual furniture that’s in there and and play off of what’s already in there or were able to take a completely empty home and paint that picture for the so it had one room that you needed to do but you walk through the home and you find seven other rooms it could need a little bit of an adjustment you would actually make the recommendation on how to do absolutely make the recommendation and then just based on budget of the homeowner and what would actually sue the actual home that’s where we make the determination on what we recommend to put in there i seeso from the real estate standpoint I guess your company doing staging for some of these homes has helped sell the homes a little bit faster oh absolutely speed up the process quite a bit we we actually are able to help prevent the homeowner if they’re having trouble selling the home in the first place we’re able to prevent that first move of automatically jumping to reducing the cost of the home the sales cost and speed up the process just having that sense of depth perception being able to see what can fit into a room it really does help to have if you have if you have something that’s completely empty you can’t really tell you know the size of the so far you know the the size of the dining room so if you put put the furniture in there you’re able to have be able to pay kids it gives the it gives the potential buyer kind of perception on what could actually be done with the home exactly so from start to finish when you get called I mean you get called out there you make an appointment you got to assess the property about how long does it take you to go from your initial phone call to a final product so give me a call today I’ll come out schedule something if i happen to be in the area i’ll go out there right away maybe next day once we get the proposal setup which takes a very little time get the proposal setup signed a lease we could be out there within 48 hours so does your the your furniture come with an insurance policy and all sorts of things that the client needs to take care of absolutely can look at either be as far as insurance is concerned it could be either added to the homeowners uh-uh-uh homeowners insurance or we have also a writer on our Ellen no-fault walk away typology exactly exactly unless the furniture itself walks away in which case yeah how’s your furniture for sale yes it is we do have a clearance centers throughout Southern California as well so if if a real estate agent we’re showing a property that had the furniture there that furniture and that property is actually for sale to time absolutely we can we can provide a buyout cost for the furniture as well that’s fantastic now on ax normally let’s let’s take a 1,500 square foot house just on average what would it cost for 1,500 square foot house well completely dependent upon where the house is what the what the look that would suit the house would be the size north-northeast orange county north north east Orange County ok North East Orange County you’re gonna be going you’re going to be going for a little bit of a higher and look out there and what you’re typically going to be looking anywhere we could do it from its lowest 450 dollars we can do it up to 2,000 3,000 dollars a month it really depends on the budget of the homeowner so there is a budget type situation but but if it were a completely vacant home and you wanted to go and really put it together it about three thousand dollars but three thousand dollars worth of actual wonderful stuff exactly and like I said it does vary really depends on the budget of the of the homeowner as well as what would suit the home i say three thousand dollars but maybe $1,500 all that needs to put in there to suit the home may just be a couple of rooms just to get their initial walk an appeal absolutely i always recommend a minimum do the do the living room the dining room and then also staged the master bedroom if there happens to be some sort of an odd bonus room that you you might want to add some furniture into the bonus room to once again like I say paint that picture depending upon the patio if it’s a patio that you want to feature with a beautiful of pool or fire pit or something like that we might want to add some outdoor up outdoor patio furniture sometimes there’s not a need for that so there’s you don’t necessarily need to feed every room in order to sell that home you want to be able to paint that picture and sell the features of the home and that’s interesting because you do outdoor modifications as well absolutely that’s fantastic so here at the California association of realtors how is your a couple of days been it’s been very successful so far we’ve been doing this for a few years now and we will keep coming back it’s a it’s been very successful for so if people out there would want to know how to to check out your your information what’s your website cort.com court calm and that you’ll be able to go in take a look at our collection you can also select your zip code as well as the lease term that you’re looking for and it will guide you to the right showroom to the right contacts there are several of us throughout the southern California that you can contact and will come out to a consultation if need be if it’s something has happened quick and faster than us being able to get out to you we could even do it online and just get you taken care of right away you’re also in the furniture business for offices are not yes we are we are we do workplace as well additionally another helpful part for the real real estate agencies uh for short-term relocation somebody’s in between homes they sold this home but they’re still looking for another home where instead of them having to bring all their furniture from my house to an apartment back to the head of the new house that they buy a lot of times people want to put all their home furniture into storage and then they’ll use us and will furnish their temporary home you know from 1 to 36 months however long it takes but will be a bit will be able to furnish their temporary home that’s an interesting concept I mean thinking about it when sometimes the seller stay in possession of the property and you’re moving out here from from another state to state that’s kind of a great service to provide for people yeah yeah absolutely they’re able to have to worry about you know getting all their nice furniture they spent all their money you know get it all nicked up and scratched up and broken just reduce the amount of moves and you keep your furniture nice little trash our people thank you Eric so much I really appreciate you allow us to interview today this is Tom Iovenitti with ReboReports from the California association of realtors here in Long Beach, California.

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