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CAR EXPO 2016 – GeoAssurance


Hi I’m Tom Iovenitti bringing you this ReboReport from the California Association of Realtors Convention here in Long Beach California. Today we’re going to walk around the convention floor and interview several of the vendors that are here to find out just what’s going on out there
in the realtor community and how they’re perceiving their product is going to better the things that real estate people do. So I want to thank you for coming today watching our video and again this is Tom Iovenitti ReboReports bringing you this from the California Association of Realtors in Long Beach, California. We stopped by Geo Assurance to find out exactly what it is that they do and how their how they’re being perceived here at the California association of realtors today so tell us about that time what’s going on with you sure oh well we’re having a great time at the expo we sell natural hazard disclosures environmental reports tax reports and permit reports so we’re just some giving people information as they walk by and tell them what we do differently from our competitors funny enough you say that but what differently do you do well this is where owner Ralph kept our comes in we go the extra mile on the service issues when there is an issue with one of these properties ruffle go the extra mile to provide additional information zoomed in maps and help them understand exactly what’s going on with that property and that neighborhood and give them all the sexual information that other companies usually won’t take the time to provide IC and Ralph tell us a little bit about that how did you get into this type of business well i started out in civil engineering went into title and then I developed a program to produce the natural hazard automatically sold that to a very big big big company and then went out on my own in 2005 and started to your insurance when you started it there must have been a reason you must have found a failure in the system somewhere where you could identify make it better yes and that was primarily with our maps as you can see here at the time other companies were providing the additional information and we started providing all the local data examples would be oil wells in California pipelines things like that is so we always consider ourselves the i would say leader in the industry ok so the leader in industry and under the under this where where are you actually working in California or other states what are you actually doing we cover the entire state of California entire static any other states that you’re doing right now no but I’m set up to do other states yeah that’s fantastic and that what are you doing with him I’m the vice president of it and I of course you are and I actually I’m the one walls I’m the one that had him get started in this industry in the first place so do you still work with them day to day day in and day out yes i’m more the person is into sales I out in the field more and so forth but yea day today I’m working here so it in today what you’re talking to a lot of realtors i take it Todd and what what what kind of questions are you getting and how do you think the conventions working out for you working out great we’re going to a lot of traffic through here they’re getting questions like how do you differ from the competitors what is your pricing how quickly can i received the report to charge of us co doesn’t close things like that so we’re just helping the mountain answering all those questions that they may have that’s fantastic so if real estate agents and brokers want to go online what would be the website that they would go to they would go to www.geoassurance.com that’s GeoAssurance that’s fantastic anything else that you want to talk about with your product you got anything new coming out yeah we’re coming out with the new programs will be able to deliver much faster and the order entry system will be much quicker and easier for the ages be like an automation situation for the agent to go online in order the product exactly and and receive it very quickly that’s fantastic yeah so we’re looking forward to that any other reps out there doing it or you you the main guy so we’re working with over public home protection so their home warranty reps are out there selling our reports as well so it’s a one-stop shopping your homework the a natural hazard disclosure with one person that’s fantastic i want to thank you today for allowing us to come in and talk to interview you about your product and GeoAssurance and this is Tom Iovenitti ReboReports bringing you this interview from the California association of realtors in long beach.

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Be Informed - I have always more than enough money to meet my needs.

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