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Learn from a lender: questions to ask, and pitfalls to avoid


There are direct lenders, and then there are true direct lenders.  Both can provide your clients with money, but understanding which is which (and why neither are the same as mortgage brokers) can make a big difference in transaction costs and efficiency.  Eric Boyenger from Intercap Lending joins us in this video to discuss the key differences between lender types and the questions to ask to make sure you have the right financial partner for your transaction.

But the insights don’t stop there.  Once a transaction is in motion, there are still many places where things can go wrong.  In the second half of this video, Eric talks about some of the common pitfalls he sees as a lender, and suggests strategies for avoiding or mitigating them.

Automatic appraisals may be overridden, investment buyers may try to game the system, and time can slip away far too fast, but by knowing what to look for you might just come out ahead with your sanity intact.

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