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Debbies’ Tip’s – List of ways to handle commission objections


Hi it’s Debbie again with another tip and you know we’ve been talking a lot about commission and holding the line on commission I’ve had such a great response to that so many people have said thank you for bringing this up I need to do a better job I’m leaving money on the table so I thought about this what he did this in the next week what if you sat down and you typed out or wrote out every commission objection Handler you can think of and maybe you go to your broker and ask for suggestions or top agents in your office you can go to our scripts and you compile a whole group of list of ways to handle commission objections now once you do that you go back through and you pick your favorites and you end up with 3 4 or ideally 5 great methods to overcome the commission objection now what if you did this everyday you pray activist it as you practiced it you recorded it as you drove around throughout the day you listen to that recording in your car and as you drove to that listing appointment you listen to that recording and you said that objection Handler right along with that recording in fact you’re so good at it that the next time I have an event you could stand on stage and teach the group flawlessly because when you think about it why wouldn’t you do that you know if you have someone at home in your household that’s in school and they came to you and said you know if I don’t learn these five things that are on these 5 q cards I won’t graduate what would you tell them to do will start practicing memorize get them out everyday so guys do it right if you don’t do it you are potentially leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table in your career so I want you to get your 3 to 5 want you to write them down I want you to record them and I want you to listen to them every single day in the car and at a minimum on the way to your next listing appointment alright good luck I’ll talk to you soon

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