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Successful Prospecting with Debbie DeGrote – Tax Defaults

You know it is amazing that people would actually lose their home over something as simple as not paying their property taxes. And yet it happens everyday.

Successful Prospecting with Debbie DeGrote – Probate

Now, I will say that this may not be a category that’s for everyone. And yet what you’re going to discover today is that you each have your unique strengths and you have things that you may feel a little bit passionate about.

Realty News – Best Low Cost Renovations Before Selling Your Home

Selling a home, as many people learn, is an entirely different task than buying a home. Buying a home is exciting, and in most cases fairly simple. Selling a home is a little more involved and takes a bit more careful planning. When you are preparing to sell your home, you must look for ways to attract people to your home and then make them want it. In order to do this some renovations may be required.