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Real Life Real Estate – Seven Traits of a Top Producer


There may not be one magic success pill, but there are some characteristics which top agents share. Some things (like “location, location, location”) are hard to change, but others are attitudes and behaviors which, with a bit of effort, anyone can adopt.

In this Mentor Mondays video, real estate coach Dan Smith talks about seven traits which make top producers stand out from the rest of the crowd. Watching this video will help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and help you put yourself on the right track to become a top producer in your own real estate business.

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Real Life Real Estate. My name is Dan Smith, and I’m here to help you be more powerful, more productive, and more profitable.

This week, we’re going to talk about the seven traits of producers, of Top Producers versus what I call “No Producers.” All right. Now. What I consider to be a Top Producer is somebody who’s doing 25 deals or more a year. And what I consider someone to be a No Producer is someone who’s doing 6 or less deals per year. Ok? So it’s not really a “no” but at 6 a year, one every-other-month it’s sort of close to it. So Top Producers versus No Producers. The seven traits of each one, that usually identify and end up at the end of the year, commission-wise, bank-account-wise, put them into their proper places.

So I’ve written down some notes here for you. And you can always go to my website to get your own copy of this and to look at it and to reference it at any point you want. That’s versatilityinsales.com. All right. So what I wrote down here:

Number 1: Top Producers have a schedule and a routine that they follow daily. No Producers simply react to situations as they occur. And they don’t really follow a schedule. Think about that. All right.

Number 2: Top Producers prioritize their activities based on income. Based on income. All right. No Producers sort of just prioritize their activities by doing what they feel like doing at the time, not necessarily what would be the most profitable for them, the most income-generating for them at the time. All right. Which one of those two do you fall into?

Number 3: Top Producers spend almost all of their available time looking for business. Looking for business. All right. No Producers spend most of their time waiting for business just to come to them.

Number 4: Top Producers have clear goals and plans to achieve those goals. Plans to achieve those goals. All right. No Producers, they’re just focused on the next commission check. The next time they’re going to be able to get paid and what they’re going to do with that money.

Number 5: Top Producers are highly skilled and, get this, and they still practice their skills. No Producers, they don’t really rely on skills. They rely on relationships. And they hope that those relationships will bring them the business.

Number 6: Top Producers have little to no fear of failure. Little to no fear of failure. I want you to think about this. I actually was talking to somebody just this morning, and I ran across this quote, and I said it to them: Babe Ruth said, “You can’t be afraid of striking out.” “You can’t be afraid of striking out.” And he struck out more times than anybody, but he also hit more home runs than anybody, until recently. He held that record for close to a hundred years. You can’t be afraid of striking out. Top Producers have little to no fear of failure. They know that you have to fail in order to achieve greatness. All right. Now, the No Producers, failure constantly derails them. It freezes them. Which one of those two categories do you fall in now?

And Number 7: Top Producers have some sort of accountability in place to do the things they’re supposed to do on the days they’re supposed to do them, especially on the days they don’t feel like doing them. No Producers, they just do their best. No accountability. Maybe they did it, maybe they didn’t. “I tried my hardest.” That’s not what a Top Producer says. They do the things they don’t want to do, especially on the days they don’t want to do them, and they have something in place to make that happen.

Go through those seven. Ask yourself, on each one of those seven, which one do you fall into? And if you find yourself in the wrong column, think about: “what do I need to do to make a change to get over to the column I want to be in?” Ok?

You can get a lot more information as well at ReboReports.com, and if you have any ideas for what you’d like to hear about on these Real Life Real Estate episodes, please feel free to email me, dan@versatilityinsales.com. All right. So thank you for tuning in this week, and remember, to get what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done. I’ll see you next week.

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