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Real Life Real Estate – ReboGateway Gives You Legs!


As real estate coach Dan Smith talks about in this episode of Real Life Real Estate, it’s important to have a diversified business. Much as a chair isn’t stable with one leg, your business isn’t stable with only one source for new business. Certainly having a solid sphere of influence which gives you referrals can be a great way to get started, and can be a key component of even a mature real estate business, but it’s not enough, particularly if you want your business to grow rather than stagnate. ReboGateway, with its wide variety of lead types and research tools, is a great way to add additional legs to your “chair.”

Additionally, Dan takes this chair metaphor in an important opposite direction as well, discussing how you don’t need dozens of legs to have a stable chair. It’s more important to have enough solid legs than too many flimsy, unsupported legs. So watch this video, and take a moment to think about the structure of your business. Do you have enough legs supporting your chair? If not, there are plenty of good ideas in this video, and throughout the ReboReports site.

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Real Life Real Estate. My name is Dan Smith, and I’m here to help you become more powerful, more productive, and most importantly, more profitable.

This week, what I want to talk about is the legs of your business. Now, imagine your business, let’s get kind of metaphorically here, let’s imagine here, visualize with me, that you’ve got a chair, and it’s got one leg under it. That one leg isn’t going to hold that chair up very well, and when you sit on it, you’re probably going to fall flat on your butt. Ok?

Unfortunately, for some of you right now, if you’ve only got one leg in your real estate business, you’ve probably experienced a little bit of that falling flat on your butt. You need more than one leg in order to have a good foundation for your business. Now let’s think about chairs that we sit in. Ok? Do they have two legs? No. Do they have three legs? No. Four legs. Four legs really seems to be about the minimum that will support a body sitting in a chair in a very safe manner. And you know what? It’s no coincidence that four legs is also the amount of legs your business needs to have in order to have a good chance of succeeding and not falling flat on your butt. All right?

Let’s talk about what legs can be. Legs can be working with your sphere, your circle of influence. Legs can be doing open houses. Legs can be doing a farm. Legs can be doing some advertising. A lot of you do those types of legs. Maybe you don’t all do all of those legs. That’s where ReboGateway comes into play. What does ReboGateway do? It gives you legs! Let’s think about all the legs they can give you, all the different sources of business that they can provide you that you can use. You don’t gotta go out and recreate the wheel. You don’t have to go out and figure out “where the heck am I going to find some more legs? I just can’t even think of where to get business!” Instead, you can just log onto ReboGateway and actually, you know, look at what they’re already giving you. It’s already there for the taking! Just go use it!

Let’s think about it. Expireds. For Sale By Owners. Probates. NODs. Foreclosures. Tax delinquencies. Divorces. Not to mention that ReboGateway also provides, I guess, the best, coolest, most awesome farming tool ever! So, if you’re working in a farm, you already have that leg, right. But if you’re working in a farm, you know each and every thing that’s happening in the farm in any of those areas.

So do you see how easy it would be to use ReboGateway to take a two- or three-legged plan that you’re currently using, and get it up to five or six pretty easily? Now I know I said earlier that four legs is a good foundation. That’s what we normally use. And that is, that is the minimum number you need of legs in order for your business to succeed. The minimum is four. That’s not the maximum, that’s the minimum! I’m going to suggest to you to give some serious thought to having five or six legs. Now, ReboGateway, like I said, they’ve got seven, eight, nine different legs available to you. You might not want to use all of them, and that’s ok. I didn’t say “have eight or nine.” I said “have five or six.” You’ve probably already got two or three or four all on your own. Use ReboGateway to add one, two, maybe three more and you’re good. You have all the legs you need to have a completely diversified business. A stable business. A business that is not relying on all your eggs being in one basket, that old cliché. Diversify. Six legs. Five legs. Build your legs. However many you have right now, build them up. Use ReboGateway for that. They make it easy! You don’t have to figure it out. You don’t have to figure out where to go to get the data, you don’t have to figure out which kind of data you even want. It’s all there, available for you. Just start using it! It’s not one of those “I’m getting ready, getting ready to get ready, I’m aiming, I’m aiming, I’m aiming, but I’m never actually pulling the trigger…” ReboGateway allows you to not have to worry about all that aiming, just pull the trigger, pull the trigger, pull the trigger, pull the trigger.

ReboGateway will solve that problem for you. It will add the legs for you. Ok?

Thanks for tuning in this week, and remember: to get what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done. I’ll see you next time.

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