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Mentor Mondays – Co-listing properties with other real estate agents


What do you do when a friend, family member, or other potential client asks you to take a real estate listing in an area you’re unfamiliar with? Or even if you’re somewhat familiar with the area, you don’t feel you have the neighborhood expertise to get the best deal for that person?

Sometimes, it works out best for you to take the listing anyway, to do the extra work and research needed to make everything go smoothly. Other times, it makes more sense to refer that business to a colleague who does know the neighborhood, and make some sort of referral arrangement with that person. But there is a third option, one which our real estate coach Jeff Petsche is seeing more often in this tight market: Co-listing.

In this week’s Mentor Mondays, Jeff Petsche talks about the benefits and pitfalls of getting involved in a particular type of co-listing, one where the involved agents work for different brokers.

Even though this may not be something you’re thinking about today, watching this video will make sure that, when the opportunity presents itself to take a listing with someone else, you’ll not only know what you’re getting into, but also know how to do it right. And if you are in the process of setting up or running a co-listing with another realtor, this informative video will make sure that it works out as the best possible option for all of you.

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for this very enlightening video regarding co listing! You won’t believe this, but just as soon as I got done watching your video …I received a call from another broker wanting to coLIST with our company! What timing! OMG, the universe is aligning…so READY!


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