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Social Media – Getting Started


Social media provides powerful tools for building and retaining business, particularly in the real estate industry.  However, it can also be very overwhelming, whether or not you’re already “social media savvy.”  Bob Watson, an expert in the intersection between social media and real estate, brings his expertise to ReboReports in this series of videos.

In this video, Bob breaks down the first steps you should take when creating a social media presence.  He not only talks in useful detail about several of the major social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yelp), but also about other necessary parts of the process, like getting an up-to-date photograph taken.  In this modern world, building awareness of your brand takes more than a few notepads left on doorsteps – you need to connect to people not only as a brand, but as a person, an expert they can trust, so watch this series of videos to learn all about these new tools of the trade.

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