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Debbies’ Tip’s – Being a Market Expert


Hi it’s Debbie DeGrote and welcome to Debbie’s daily tip and today we’re talking about being a market expert you know a few years ago I had an opportunity to conduct focus groups with buyers and sellers in the Orange County Market now what are the questions that we ask them is what were you looking for in an agent why did you choose who you  chose and they said market expertise you see they knew that a market expert could save them time save them money help them find the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls recently I had my own experience with this and had an opportunity to compare a market expert to a novice you see my husband and I own a small cabin in northern Idaho great little cabin but it’s not directly on the lake so we decided maybe it was time to upgrade and buy in a new location well what was interesting is we contacted right away a market expert in the area but just so happened one day we walked into a property that was held open by an agent who was very new and long story short had we purchased from that agent we would not have known that the property the beach that the property was on was not actually owned by the owner because you see that agent didn’t even know it either our agent though who was the market expert was aware guided us away from that property and helped us find something much more suitable so it could have been a disaster ended up being a great situation because we were working with a market expert all right so you got hone your skills though see you’ve got to know what are the stats what are the properties that are available what are the trends when someone describes what they’re looking to accomplish does your mind boo boo boo exactly know where to take them what to present to them see I find that agents today don’t study that that there.

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