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Debbies’ Tip’s – Let us think it over


Hello it’s Debbie DeGrote. Welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tip’s so I have a question sent to me last night and I thought it would be a good one for our tip today and it was entitled let us think it over and it had a sad face after it so the point of this was how sad is it that we go in we feel we did a great listing presentation and we get to the end of that presentation the seller is very thankful and very grateful and says you know we just need a little time let us think it over and we leave and we follow up and we never hear from them again they hide they avoid our calls and then suddenly it appears with a different agent and the question was that came to me last night what do I do about this well my first suggestion is let’s make sure we’re actually pre-qualifying this prospect so clearly if they listed the property they were serious about selling but were they serious about the potential of hiring you or were they just using you for a price opinion the next thing I would take a look at is let’s ask that question are they interviewing other agents and if they say that they are let’s see if they will tell you who are they interviewing because you need to know the competition and be prepared also consider where you are in the lineup is it best to go first is it best to go last typically you’re probably going to be better off going last next are you going in there prepared to close them you know the other day I was talking to an agent who had a very low listing taken ratio and I asked them do you actually take the listing agreement in with you and he said well I tell them I have it out in the car I said we’ll take it in have it in your folder right there in front of the seller and be assumptive about moving them forward so I wonder how is your presentation because maybe they’re just telling you everything is fun but there was something you missed that they were looking for so want you to take the whole situation apart are you qualifying are you preparing are you going in there assumptive li going after that listing and are you prepared to handle the objections that they give you and by the way I need to think it over is not an objection it is a smokescreen for the real objection so when you go to that table you need to understand that if you don’t take it while you’re there odds are you may not get it all right so let’s go in ready to close them have a great day I’ll talk to you soon.

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