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Debbies’ Tip’s – Prospecting To Your Triple Ace!


Hi it’s Debbie DeGrote and welcome to Debbie’s Tips. I have an answer to a question I received this morning, ”What is the best way to prospect my family and my VIP sphere of influence?” actually let’s just call it something different let’s call it Prospecting To Your Triple Ace! If we think about triple A’s these are not only your raving fans but these are also your connectors here’s what I mean by that see there may be someone who is a great friend or a relative and they love you but they’re just not the type of person that’s going to be out there proactively connecting you to others that they know they might even be that person that’s a little hesitant to give a referral because they think what if something went wrong so when you’re putting together your triple-a list these are the people who are the movers and shakers that would be happy and excited to connect you and assist you in your business in any way that they could and of course it goes without saying you’d be absolutely willing to do the same for them so these are people that you might be talking to almost daily weekly certainly monthly these are the people that you might be grabbing a cup of coffee with maybe even going to dinner possibly putting a network group together so they’re your raving fans they’re your connectors they’re willing to help you grow your business and in return you’re going to do your best to help them grow there so let’s get this list together and honestly it’s not likely to be a big list it may be five people ten now here’s what would be ideal if you had twenty five and you gave them each a goal to find three great referrals for you in the next 12 months that’d be 75 referral names now 25 to 50% would convert still a lot of great transactions all right so let’s spend some time with those people who will help you achieve the goals that you have set alright I’ll talk to you on the next Debbies’ Tip’s have a great day!

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