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CAR EXPO 2016 – Summit VA


Hi I’m Tom Iovenitti bringing you this ReboReport from the California Association of Realtors Convention here in Long Beach California. Today we’re going to walk around the convention floor and interview several of the vendors that are here to find out just what’s going on out there
in the realtor community and how they’re perceiving their product is going to better the things that real estate people do. So I want to thank you for coming today watching our video and again this is Tom Iovenitti ReboReports bringing you this from the California association of realtors in long beach California great and Stacey tell us about summit solutions VA solutions and and and how it changes the way you were somewhat VA solutions takes the back office paperwork out of the real estate agents hands and allows them to be able to prospect more and spend more time doing what we do best as real estate agents and that’s showing clients properties and listing homes were phenomenal sales people but honestly most of us don’t do the paperwork real well nor do we like to we don’t like to the base to most of the time we’re really bad at it right absolutely i know that in a company where we have to be more more precise about what we do you’re going to you’re going to the solution to ensuring that they gets done correctly and they don’t have to worry about it you are absolutely correct we train all of RVs the Gulf go through a four-week training program we teach them about your state contracts and the addendum so that they know how to do the contractor clothes for you we teach them a wide variety of skills we’ve got the age that will do cold calling they do marketing internet stuff social media it really all depends on the skill set that the client the real estate agent is needing from his VA have a question are are are they on site or this is all virtual they are all virtual all of our assistants are based in Philippines we use Skype almost exclusively and the nice thing is you can look I ball-by-ball with your virtual assistant in the Philippines for the entire time you’re in the office my assistant nine she’s on a monitor from the time i get into the time i leave and we talk and communicate just like if she was sitting in the desk next to me and I don’t have to pay for a computer i don’t have to pay for office space it’s perfect you can’t beat it you bring up an interesting point because he says that he uses his assistance so that tells me that you’re actually in the real estate industry tell me a little bit about how you came up with the idea of a virtual assistant and how it has changed your life initially we were running about a hundred and fifty contracts a year i was a very large REO broker and the situation was one that if i wanted to grow and I had to find a way to make it do it profitably we were introduced to virtual assistants truck through a book written by Timothy Ferris called the 4-hour workweek damn i’m sorry i didn’t really like the book but the technology was absolutely amazing and it was the catalyst that caused me to pick my company virtual in doing so then we found virtual assistants we my assistant is an industrial engineer by trade her name is Bernadette and Bernadette helped us and help me actually take our company virtual we found the right tools and we were able to then move our production up to about 320 350 transactions a year and if anybody’s done REO they know that there’s a ton of paperwork and you’re constantly emailing it was perfect it was an ideal situation well we’re off camera he had told me a little bit about how watching real estate professionals do this undulating type business process where they’re they’re getting through a transaction and then they look for the next client and you had told me something about you wanted to see the the the real estate agents ability to have an upload in their business rather than this undulating type wave-type formula tell us since you opened up a year ago how many kinds do you have we’re currently running about 90 real estate agents that’s employing approximately a hundred virtual assistants quite a few of our clients will have a VA that handles nothing but the marketing side of their business and that’s everything from social media to print media to you no cold calling and then they’ll have an assistant DA on the other side is handling the contract to close client communication database management does your does your virtual assistant also handle the accounting and all the administrative aspects of an office they can it depends on what the agent needs we spend a lot of time with the real estate agent one-on-one talking with them about what they need what their strengths and weaknesses are that’s why we employ the disc test we just test our clients before we actually let them hire a VA it helps us better match them and then spending an hour to with them one-on-one them and I and our and my office manager Bernadette in the Philippines tells us what they need and if they say look I need somebody that understands quickbooks we will actually have their VA go through a quick books course that is all ultimately supervised by their cpa but they will have the skill set to put money to manage the account back and forth if that’s what they need that that is that they met they manage they actually do the account or they just do the input do the input yes absolutely i personally would never let anybody touch my money funny enough i’m just a pun on words but I mean they vet everybody in the VA it absolutely we’ve got all of our vs they’ve already been a mall they’ve been background check dis tested you know the whole works so give us your website its www.VAsolutions.com yeah Stacey thank you so much for your time to battle it when I really do I really do appreciate you talking about this because I think like you do in the future that you’re going to have to go virtual in order to in order to minimalise the amount of expense internally in an office where you can actually work from your home I think it’s absolutely fabulous brilliant solution you know honestly if you think about it we’re all running our own independent little businesses and if it is good enough for Bank of America Wells Fargo United and Marriott corporation to outsource to the Philippines it’s good enough for real estate agents and it’s the way we’re going to be able to become and stay productive and financially viable as we move forward in the markets productivity thank you so much Stacy this is Tom Iovenitti from Reports bringing you some at VA solutions from California Association of Realtors.

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