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CAR Expo 2016 – Salvation Army


Hi I’m Tom Iovenitti bringing you this ReboReport from the California Association of Realtors Convention here in Long Beach California. Today we’re going to walk around the convention floor and interview several of the vendors that are here to find out just what’s going on out there
in the realtor community and how they’re perceiving their product is going to better the things that real estate people do. So I want to thank you for coming today watching our video and again this is Tom Iovenitti ReboReports bringing you this from the California Association of Realtors in Long Beach, California. So Sam’s going to tell us a little bit about what goes on at the Salvation Army and how that can be a assistance to real estate companies throughout California in other areas in the country so sample and tell us about what exactly does the Salvation Army doing what kind of service do they provide for real estate. Yeah so what we can do for real estate agencies, a lot of times when you sell a house or business park something like that and then what happens is that the new owners or wherever you saw them they no longer know what to do with other old furniture. They don’t want to bring it I want to keep it at bad stressors all that and so we can do is we can send out a truck with men. They’ll come out they’ll pick up all of that old furniture electronics also the previous owner doesn’t want anymore we take it. We sell in our thrift stores and that money goes directly to provide services in our rehabilitation centers to help men and women around the United States and become clean and sober and productive members of society. That’s fantastic and and what what strikes me is that you pick up everything? You’re not you’re not selective exact so anything and everything that at the at the time of people moving out you’ll go out there and actually helped him dispose of it all and take that that area with which you can make some money on and keep it and then disposed whatever else you can’t exactly. That’s exactly what it’s about we’re not at to be discriminatory no discrimination on it you know what at this is an excellent way for real estate professionals to go out there and provide a real service to those people that you’re that you’re doing business with. So I just want to thank you for taking the time today and meeting with us. Yeah it’s no problem thank you so much. It’s my pleasure all this is Tom Iovenitti a with ReboReports signing off from the California Association of Realtors.

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