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Debbie’s Tips – What Is Your Mindset About Prospecting?


So I wonder as you start your day. What is your mind set about prospecting? Now I’m sure you’re probably not looking forward to it, none of us do. Now some of you hate it a little more than others. Because you haven’t quite developed the habit for the pattern. But I want you to stop over thinking it and just do. Get out of your comfort zone, make some calls. They’re just people. I would like to ask you though, to do somethings to warm up before you prospect. Lets definitely listen to something positive as you drive into work. I don’t care if its your favorite song, but something to inspire you. Let’s be sure to set a goal for that prospecting session. Let’s practice your scripts and say a couple of affirmations and then as you power through that prospecting stop at the end of each hour and check your attitude, your approach (which would be your script) and what are you expecting to get and reset your mind set. If you need to, go take a walk outside, get some fresh air, come back and begin again. Because it’s game on. We need to get in there, find those appointments that you need and then go out and take care of those great clients.

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