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Debbie’s Tips – How much do you really prospect?


I wonder, How much do you really prospect? You see, Agents talk about it a lot. But when they come to us for coaching. And we really sit down and look at how many people they are actually talking to each day. Do you know what the average number is? 3. Well I guess that why I have a job. Because I need to help them out more. But guys, lets think about it. If you’re speaking to three people a day on average, is that going to be enough to give you the business that you need? So each of you are different and you have different goals. But I’m going to share with you, its rather simple. If you’re not achieving the goal you have set, while we may have many things to work on. The first thing you can work on is talk to more people. Because even when your script isn’t flawless, if your approach isn’t flawless, when you talk to more people the odds are more in your favor. Alright, so I would suggest 20 contacts a day. Now if you’re really motivated do more, by all means. But set a goal of at least 100 quality contacts a week.

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