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Debbie’s Tips – 3 to 5 Key Methods of Creating Business


Hello and welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips! You know, I wonder are you tired of thinking about where your next deal will come from? Or I should say, worrying about where your next deal will come from. In fact, do you often find yourself thinking, there just must be an easier way of earning money! Do you ever notice that maybe you have a little bit if a shot gun approach to finding the business. See its common that agents often struggle to create a steady stream of quality listings. In fact, I find that most have not really developed their key systems of lead generations. I believe that each agent should have 3-5 key methods of creating business and each method should be clearly defined with action steps to go with it, very clear and very specific action steps. Each of the lead generation methods should be also outlined in a system that you follow to the letter, so that you create a duplicable stream of quality prospects. How to determine what your systems should be? Well start by outlining the areas that most of your current business is coming from, then look to fill in the gaps in any areas you may be missing opportunities in for that particular source. Once your key sources are well developed you can move on to add additional sources as needed. When you have 3-5 solid sources that you are working at the highest level you will be amazed at how much more efficient you are at keeping your pipeline full. Make it a great day, make it an efficient day, and I look forward to talking to you soon on Debbie’s Daily Tips.

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