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Watch this video to learn how simplicity makes your brand better.

Enough said.

For many people, life is complex. They want the aspects they put into their life to simplify instead of complicate. Ever heard of the phrase “Keep it Simple, Stupid”? It’s more common than you might think. People trust and remember simplicity. Often complex services are packaged as the “newest” or “latest” craze in a particular service. When people unwrap the package and find the service or product is confusing, they are likely not to continue patronizing. People get suspicious of things which require a lot of complicated steps and do not trust them. Brand simplicity is the best way to apply these ideas of trust and succinct service.

Simple is smart. Simplicity can create a distinction between your service and others. Simplicity allows customers to get started faster and more easily in their purchases and use of the product or service. When customers see the commitment a company has to simplicity they will feel compelled to repeat the powerful and memorable experience with the brand. The brand should convey simplicity in marketing. There is no need to have fancy fonts in the advertisements. Simple Times New Roman or Arial is fine. For more important words it may do well to provide a simple color change to attract the eyes of readers.

Don’t try to dazzle your potential customers with brilliance. Don’t try to baffle them with BS. Your only BS should be Brand Simplicity. Present your clear and powerful message on your simple, no frills website. Keep your motto short and sweet. It should convey your intentions with the customers as well as your underlying philosophy. Chances are your endeavor to simplify will also set you apart as unique from many of your competitors. Your statement of purpose should also convey your dedication to simplicity. When customers see your candor in word and deed, they will be more inclined to use your service when they need.

Think about Google. This is a brand that built itself on simplicity. There is a search bar that connects to all the complexities of the internet, but the website itself provides a search bar and that’s it and it is the most popular website in the world. When considering additional modifications, Google takes a zero-based approach which means the benefits of an addition should outweigh the cost of increased complexity. This helps Google avoid creeping complexity and can do the same for your business.

Be Informed – I Have Created The Perfect Business For Myself

Be Informed - I Have Created The Perfect Business For Myself

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