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7 tips for handling a divorce sale


Delicate social maneuvering is a fact of life for real estate agents; every transaction has its nuances.  However, when divorce forces a couple to sell their home, the social complications can be astronomical.  In this video, Tom Iovenitti presents 7 valuable tips for helping you be the right agent at the right place and time to make these sales go smoothly.

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  1. Thanks Tom,
    This is very helpful in getting my head wrapped around what I’am getting myself into.
    The emotions,being a good listener,do not be an advisor. Yea! I like and tend to be the hero. But not in these situations!
    OK, I promise to embrace your rule of: ‘HELPER ONLY’.
    Thanks for your wisdom,


  2. For some reason the audio of his talk is not coming through. I hear the logo sound at the beginning but nothing from Tom. I have heard a couple of other videos, so it is specific to this one talk. Can you fix?


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