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Debbies’ Tip’s – Asking Great Questions


I welcome to Debbie’s tips alright today we’re going to talk about asking great questions so in order to get to know more about your client you have to dig in and peel the onion and ask lots of great questions now it’s common that we want to talk in fact many of us have a fairly High I personality on the disc test and if you’d like to take it because you haven’t ever you can do that for free by going to excellium. Calm and take your free disc test today most of us are very expressive for influencers we love to talk to people and maybe that means sometime sharing stories or going off on a tangent however if we would just calm down slow down and focus we could go into each important phone call conversation negotiation or presentation and have 325 great questions written to make sure that things go smoothly so it’s a great habit start writing down three to five great questions each and every conversation or interaction that’s really important now you may find that you need to ask more and that’s okay but start with 3 to 5 so you can have a stack of index cards on your desk and you grab that before your conversation and you write down your three to five questions the questions you’re going to ask now maybe you’re going to be calling a seller about an offer an offer you fear they’re not going to like questions are you going to ask them just to get information but also to help them whatever it is they need to realize or think about who they are what is their situation and come up with three to five questions to ask to lunch that presentation establish Rapport find out more about them and to help them self realize that you’re going to find it and more effective your clients at have an engaging conversation ask them great questions alright I’ll talk to you soon have a great day


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