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Debbie’s Tip’s – Overcoming Complacency


Hi welcome to Debbie’s Daily Tips all right the issue on the table today is overcoming complacency someone wrote me the other day and said my mind gets stuck sometimes I just get stuck in complacency you know I see myself just hitting the minimum standards that I need and never getting beyond like the minimum standards of contacts I’m making per day or the minimum number of sales per month to provide a living for my family and while I’m getting by and I have a nice life I just don’t seem to have their urgency to go to that next level so how do I push myself to that next level you know I’m sure we’d all say there’s been a time in our life for career where we’ve struggled with complacency or maybe not feeling exactly like doing all that we were supposed to do I think a little of that is called normal or human and yet if you think about it super salespeople have the same challenges I know they suffer drama and trauma in their life just like anyone else I know that on Monday mornings sometimes they wake up and they just don’t want to go to work so what’s the difference between a super salesperson and an average achiever you’ve probably heard this before they do what others know they should do but others just don’t do it so that’s exactly what you need to do it’s exactly why you need to have a clear goal you need to have a why and you need to create a need for that additional income that something that you want to have whether it’s giving to your church remodeling your house paying for your children’s education what is your why keep in touch with that today and make sure that you’re taking a day off because when you don’t have a day off you get tired exhausted and crabby and you don’t feel like working so make sure to rest and I encourage you turn your phone off at eight o’clock at night unplug your mind and start your next morning fresh and put a great morning routine in place so that you can get your head in the game one more thing stop verbalizing the negative I don’t feel like prospecting stop it literally say stop it and you can’t control that first negative thought but you can control the second so you say stop it and then you say you know I know that prospecting equals freedom the freedom to have the life I want to have the income I want and to work with the people I choose to work with so make it a powerful make it a productive day and remember prospecting equals freedom.

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