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Debbies’ Tip’s – Eliminating The Sellers Pact


Hi welcome to Debbie’s Tips for today. I have something really cool to talk to you about today so you’re going to want to pay very close attention. It’s called Eliminating The Sellers Pact. Now you may be wondering what in the world is the sellers pact we’ll think about this have you ever gone on a listing appointment and you knew you did an outstanding job and you had both the husband and wife fully engaged excited about everything you covered and yet when you asked them to sign the contract they hesitated and they said the dreaded words we need to think it over and you’re thinking what the heck everything seemed to be going perfectly what is causing them to hesitate well maybe it’s the sellers pact so let me explain see it’s not uncommon that when sellers set up the listing appointment they tell each other that they’re going to commit to each other not to make a decision on the spot they promised each other that they’ll think it over and discuss it before signing we call this the sellers pact now of course they didn’t count on you being so dazzling and terrific they didn’t realize that they would like to go ahead and give you their commitment but this darn seller’s pact is getting in the way the other day one of my great coaching faculty members Alan Dalton brought up a great solution one that he used thousands of times on listing appointments he went out on with the agents that used to work for him and it’s very simple as you get to the point in the presentation where you are close to asking for the signature on the contract find an excuse to tour the house one more time or take one more look at the backyard or take one more photo of some feature excuse yourself from the table to do this because this will give the sellers a moment alone and in that moment they can discuss how fabulous you are and they can agree to release each other from the sellers pact and go ahead and find a listing to move forward with you sound too good to be true trust me try it it works and I’d love to hear about your results Debbie@excelluim.com have a good day talk to you soon.

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