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Debbies’ Tip’s – What are the five most important things you must do today?


Hi it’s Debbie again for Debbie’s Tips. Here’s what we’re talking about today. What are the five most important things you must do today? You see a good friend of mine owns a very large and successful battery company. He has over 600 employees, branches all across the nation and yet he always seems very calm. And I asked him what is his secret? So he shared with me his secret for managing all the demands of his role and keeping his stress under control. You see he said that each night before he ends the day he does three things. He takes stock of the day’s wins and losses. So it congratulate himself on the wins and he looks at what caused the losses to occur what can he learn from them and what is needed to correct them. He then clears his emails and voicemails, organizes his desk and he makes a list of the five big items he must accomplish the next day. Now of course knowing that while he may have much more to do if he completes these five things then he has  moved the company in the right direction now once he completes his five things if there’s time left in the day of course he can do more now if there is not time left in the day he makes a list of the five things for tomorrow and goes home and you know what he is one of the most mellow guys I know and I know he has stress and pressure it just goes with the territory of being a business owner but he has trained himself to do his best each day accomplish the big rocks  and then go home and enjoy his life so it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the things we could do or should do I encourage you though chunk it down do what you must do to keep the business growing and servicing the clients you have and whenever possible eliminate the spinning plates the unnecessary things that you don’t really need to or want to do things that you just somehow got roped into because no matter how efficient you are you cannot fit 36 hours of stuff into a 24 hour day so do what matters to   you personally and do the most productive thing at the most productive moment and then when you’re off beat off alright have a great day talk to you soon.

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