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Debbie’s Tips – What percentage of the listing appointments that you go out on do you close?


Hello my name is Debbie DeGrote and I am the Owner and President of Excelleum Coaching and Consulting. So today I wanted to ask you what percentage of the listing appointments that you go out on do you close? See here’s what’s very typical that I here because I’ve conducted over 60,000 coaching calls with great agents across North America. Very often they tell me well I close about eighty-five percent of the people I know. But then the people I don’t know, not as high maybe 60, 65, 70 percent. You know I was talking to a top agent the other day and I said “How many listings did you not take in the last 12 months that you thought you should have taken?” and he said “Oh only about seven.” I said “Ok, what is your average check?” and he said “Well my average check is about twenty thousand dollars.” I said wow so what you’re telling me is you left hundred and forty thousand dollars on the table. You know I was somewhere the other day and they were showing that video back when Michael Phelps won the Olympics, all the gold medals and the USA won. And there was one scene where France was swimming with USA and and they knew the french guy was going to break the world record. But suddenly right away the American just sprinted at once sprinted, he was swimming swim ahead very fast at the end and and just broke every record imaginable. So why can’t you? aAre you happy with closing 85, 70, 60, 50 percent? See in this webinar that we do “Closing 98.2 Percent of your Prospects.” We challenge you to always be working to go to your next level of mastery and people always ask me, why did you pick 98.2%? Well, I assume there’s going to be a small fraction that you just don’t want, there to strange, there too difficult, it’s too high, it’s too ugly. Whatever, but up to about 98.2 percent you would probably want them all. So if you’d like a copy that webinar we‘d be happy to share it. But I want you to think about this, What is your next level of mastery? So until you hit that 98.2 percent, we’re leaving money on the table. So you have questions reach out to me debbie@excelleum.com give me a call at 714.625.5226. Because you see I think it’s very important when you spend the time to prospect and work these great sources. We need to be able to close those listings and get you paid. All right good luck out there I’ll talk to you soon.

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