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Debbie’s Tips – Contactitis!


I wanted to talk to you today about something thats not always addressed…Contactitis. See some of you are really good prospectors, you do make a lot of contacts everyday and thats awesome and terrific. But you know Earl Nightingale said “We get what we think about most.”. So what are you thinking about? Are you thinking about making contacts? Or are you thinking about setting up appointments? So lets keep our focus on the result. Now of course, count and log the contacts. your tracking your efficiency. But your focus needs to be This is my next appointment. So there’s a little game you can play called the “Seven Pennies”. You line them up on the edge of the desk.  As you’re prospecting, each time you push past that “No” or that resistance and continue on in that conversation with that client, you get to move a penny. So the game is you either get the appointment or they hung on you because you were so persistent they saw no other way to get rid of you. Or you completed your script and there was nothing there to get. But you know you didn’t take a No when a yes was still possible. So remember focus on appointments, focus on results.

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