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Be Informed – Embracing Affirmations and Health



I have embraced an affirmation for years : I will do whatever I can, ongoing to assist in the lives of those I am entrusted to lead…that is an affirmation that takes away from me personally in some respect but allows me to give freely of my time to assist in developing others. Words like Abundant, Accept, Accomplish, Adjust, Affirm, Alive, Believe, beaming, bliss, bounty, celebrate cherish, confident are beginning alphabets of a thru z in finding affirmation words. The words are easy to find…the use of them is the challenge. But I challenge you to find that 1 affirmation that you can absolutely cling to that assist you in the life changing momentum of positivity. So here are some affirmations for 2016….


This year and every year after,  beginning today. I will achieve the success in changing my choices to lead a healthy life. “find the small accomplishment and build on that small change. There is a saying…do the same thing towards success over and over every day and change will come.

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