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Debbie’s Tips – The Power of Questions


Hi Welcome to ReboReports. My Name is Debbie DeGrote and I’m the Owner and President of Excelluem Coaching and Consulting. Today I wanted to talk with you about the Power of Questions. You know we are always told in Real Estate to pre-qualify. Pre-qualify our buyers, pre-qualify our sellers and yet I find at times that agents just don’t, and why don’t they? Well sometimes they tell me. “Because I’m going to work with them any how, Why do I need to ask?” or, “I don’t want to be obtrusive.” and yet think about this. Your like the Doctor, they are like the patient. You don’t walk into the doctors office and he says, “You know, you look like you have Strep throat. I’m gonna give you an Antibiotic.”. No, he asks questions. They take your blood pressure. They check your temperature. They ask about your symptoms. Because they want to properly diagnose the solution. So I want you to think about asking questions in a different way. You need to get to know them, Who are they? What are their hot buttons? What are their fears, their concerns? What is there convincer strategy? How do they decided to make decisions? You know, if you go to my website excelluem.com we have a lot of webinars going on, often ReboGateway, sponsors, some great webinars. So we can talk more about this at another time. But I really want you to think about this. Who, what, where, when, why and how. If you took those and looked at each and every prospect you have. Do you know the answers? And if not ask some more questions. Yes we need to decide are they worth your time and we need to decide how we can best help them and move forward. So have a great day, I’ll talk to you soon.

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