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Debbies’ Tip’s – Running Your Business Like a Business


Hi my name is Debbie DeGrote and I’m the Owner and President of Excelleum Coaching & Consulting. Here today ReboReports to do Debbie’s Tips’.  So what do you wanted to talk with you a little bit today is running your business like a business. What I mean by that is having a system for everything you do. So when you’re using of course the Rebo product it does have a system that’s delivering information to you and if you follow that system you will get new business. But we need to have a system for how you prospect, how you follow up on your leads, how you call back your database and your past clients. So every component have your business should have a simple system behind it. Why don’t we start first though with the prospecting because if you don’t have a clear system for when you’re gonna prospect, how you’re gonna prospect, what you’re going to say and the following methods that you’re going to use. You may not need systems for anything else because you simply wouldn’t have any business. So let’s define what that system needs to be. Now this one is a tough one I do understand that and when we get calls who people who are looking at joining coaching. One of the things is probably is the most common things we hear is “I need systems! I’m working hard, I’m not working smart .” There’s not enough time to give you all the instruction you need on this video. But what I will do and what I am offering to the ReboGateway clients. Is I will be happy to schedule with someone on my team a complimentary call, to talk about where your system’s are breaking down and what we can do. Because we want to make sure you’re using these products and tools you purchase and really maximizing the value. So if you’d like to schedule a complimentary call you can reach out to us at 714.625.5226 and will help you with that. At a minimum though, I’d like you to sit down after you listen to this video and I’d like you outline just a simple 5 to 10 action steps. What are your system’s for prospecting. Talk to you soon on the next Debbies’ Tip’s.

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