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Mentor Mondays – Create inventory through smart searching


A market experiencing low inventory levels is a boon to the listing agent, but can be a nightmare if you’re the buyer’s agent.  Standard MLS searches only yield a few properties, and the “good” ones will receive multiple competitive bids – if you can even get past the elaborate showing instructions to see the property in the first place.

In this first installment of Mentor Mondays, Jeff Petsche shows you how to use ReboGateway to create inventory.  Instead of just waiting around for new properties to enter the market, you can now search for unlisted properties that both meet your buyer’s criteria and may have motivated sellers.  For example, the owners of a property whose listing has expired may still want to sell, particularly if you have an interested, qualified buyer who you can bring to the table.  With smart search tactics, a solid marketing plan, and a bit of luck, you may even be able to land a double-in deal while getting your buyers into their dream home.

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