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Debbies’ Tips – Goals for Real Estate Prospecting


Hi my name is Debbie DeGrote and I’m the owner and President of Excelleum Coaching and Consulting. Here to do a Debbies’ Tips For ReboReports. You know I was thinking as I drove over today, “What should we talk to you about?”. You know I had my book Secrets A Super Sales People – Why eighty percent of sales people fail and how not to be one of them, on my desk and I grabbed it and I started flipping through and I thought “Well you know here’s an interesting one we could talk about today, Having goals”. I know you all here this a lot right you need to have a goal you should have a business plan and also you should have a goal for your prospecting. So how many hours a day? How many contacts? What are you hoping to achieve? How many appointments set? So what is your goal for your prospecting your new business generation. Now if you need some help with prospecting obviously you’re at the right place because Rebo has the products that you need. If you need help creating a plan I’ll be happy to share our business planning packet with you at no cost, whatsoever. Simply give us a call at the office 714 625 5226 or reach out to your Rebo represented we will make sure that they have a copy for you as well. And let’s start by setting, number one wide is your goal for your prospecting. Number two what’s your goal for this week. Then you can go on to set your goal for the month and your goal for the year. So let’s break it down to small chunks but let’s be very specific about what you want to accomplish and thank you for listening will talk to you soon.

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