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Tech Tuesdays – IFTTT – KISS RE #8

If you want to make updating your social network more efficient, then IFTTT is a cool tool for you. In this episode of KISS RE, The RE Coach talks about IFTTT (which is short for “IF This, Then That”), a very versatile site which you can use to, for example, automatically send a tweet whenever you post something new on your blog, or have your LinkedIn updates automatically posted to your Facebook wall, or thank each new twitter follower, or….. As The Coach puts it, “it saves you unbelievable amounts of time.” And IFTTT is not just for social networking. You can also, for example, have it send you an email whenever someone posts a new FSBO on your local Craigslist, or even have it call you about an “urgent appointment” whenever you text it (a great trick for escaping that person who just won’t stop talking…). You can even have it email you whenever @benutech tweets about a new ReboReports video! The possibilities are endless, so dive in and have fun!

Tech Tuesdays – Buffer – KISS RE #7 (or, how to post quality content consistently!)

You too can be one of those people you see on Twitter or Facebook who seem to always be posting interesting articles, or sharing useful tidbits of information! And even better, you can do it without having to get up early or stay up late to post something new. In this latest installment of the KISS-RE series on using social media to build your real estate business, The RE Coach talks about Buffer, a really cool tool for efficiently managing all your social networks. And don’t worry, it’s easy! Now that you’ve followed The RE Coach’s advice on how to build a framework for your social media presence, branding your business and signing up for accounts with the major social media providers, it’s time to make it work for you.

Tech Tuesdays – YouTube – KISS RE #6

YouTube is not just for kitten videos, it should be a vital part of your social media presence. In this next installment of The RE Coach’s KISS RE series here on ReboReports, he talks about why YouTube is important for real estate agents, how to develop content that people actually want to find, and even how to use your YouTube channel to drive people to your blog and/or IDX feed.