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084 – Debbie’s Tip’s: Convincing a lead to sell Now vs. waiting out


Welcome to Debbie’s tips you know I always talk about the fact that you have more power than you think to spark a lead into action so we’re going to talk a bit today about convincing a lead to sell Now vs. waiting out today I wanted to give you just a little bit of verbage a couple of thoughts about convincing that leaves that they need to sell today versus waiting and to really dig in what’s important for them about waiting right so let’s just think about this how many people out of how many Aggressive in your approach see I know you have a lot more power to persuade than you think you do in fact you may have heard me say this before one of my favorite quotes is our job as a great salesperson is to help people overcome their natural fear and hesitation to achieve the goal that they have set so people do procrastinate and I think a way to get past that is to really dig in and ask some questions to help them self discover questions like I’m curious why is that important may I ask what will waiting do for you you know if you thought you could net more now could you do it you know I wonder if we could have limited showings to make you feel less invaded would that be something that would be acceptable now of course you can then point out to them logical benefits and you always want your list of good reasons depending on the market conditions they buy or sell now so what percentage of the I’m good you are at getting in there and digging out that motivation and presenting those logical reasons that make sense and not taking a note when I guess is still possible alright so have a great day and I’ll talk to you on the next Debbie’s daily tip

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