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Debbies’ Tip’s – Closing The Listing In Todays Aggressive Market


Welcome to the Daily tip So today we’re talking about closing the listing closing the listing I really believe you got to do it aggressively and on that very first appointment see I’m just personally not a believer in a two-step appointment because I think that in today’s aggressive Market with sellers doing multiple interviews that they’re doing if you go on a two-step appointment you risk the fact that you may lose that opportunity you may leave and someone far more aggressive may come to the table and take that listing so I really want you to go in prepared to take the listing and when you know the other day someone reached out to us and said I really need her help I need a coach because I’m not winning in fact I’m losing at least 60% of the listings I go out on and I said what That were at fault 1 was their skill with their scripts 1 was their presentation material and the other that was a very simple and easy thing that they could do is they weren’t even taking the listing agreement in with them so I suggested put it in the folder clip it to the inside left when you open the folder it’s right there in plain view and when it’s time you can simply say when would you like me to start showing the home and start writing on that agreement turn it around hand them the pain and say I just need you right here you see people become hesitant when they’re making a big decision so obviously it’s not your job to force them to do something they don’t want to do but it is your job however help them overcome their fear and hesitation to achieve the goal that they have set set now I read the other day that most sales people will not go beyond two attempts to close and let yet most closes occur after the 6th attempt okay so when should I think about that because I want to make sure that you’re closing aggressively all right have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon

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