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Debbies’ Tip’s – Creating a DreamBoard


Hi it’s Debbie DeGrote. Welcome to the Debbie tip today! You know I have a thought you should create a dream board I think in our sales career we’ve all been told to visualize our goals to keep them top of mind and to use them to stay connected to our Y to drive us to do the things we need to do you know I remember early in my career my broker organized a little wine and cheese night at the office and when we arrived he had poster boards and magazines and scissors and glue sticks and he told us that our assignment was to sit down cut out magazine pictures of things we wanted to achieve short-term and long-term goals pictures that inspired us he told us it could be a mansion in a yacht or a picture of the college where we wanted to send our children or a piggy bank representing the savings we wanted to have there were no limits and it was fun now once we were done he told us to post it next to our desk so that all day long as we did the things we needed to do the things that sometimes were not necessarily all that fun that our dream board or dream book would remind us of our wife and we could use that why to inspire us to stay on track and he also suggested that as the year progressed we should put a check mark on the items we had achieved and feel free to revise our dream board mid-year if we found our wives had shifted now some of our coaching clients have shared that they made this a family night or during pizza sitting down together with everyone in their family each creating their own dream board you know I did this once with my daughters and it was really quite interesting to see what they put on their boards it was like a little window into their mind and the bonus is you can all work together to hold each other accountable to a she’ve your dreams and it doesn’t get much better than that does it so if you decide to create construct your own dream board then please take a picture of it I would love to see it send it to me Debbie@excellium.com have fun make it great and remember dream big after all what’s the benefit of dreaming small have a great day have some fun I’ll talk to you soon

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