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Debbies’ Tip’s – How To Triple Your Listing Appointments and Dominate Your Local Listing Market


Hi welcome to Debbie Tips for the day. Today I’m talking about how to triple your listing appointments and dominate your local listing market. Buyers are great and yet top listing agents always dominate their market and they attract the quality buyers from the market. That’s why as a coach I encourage you to be lifting centric. So first I would look at your marketing because you see we know eighty percent of agents marketing dollars are wasted on items that do not create leads or responses and I find agents often copy each other’s marketing and they often pay no attention to who they’re targeting additionally they often fail to measure their results so even if twenty percent of their marketing is working they don’t know which twenty percent is effective so think about who you’re reaching out to the messages that they will respond to and if you need some help reach out to me Debbie@excelleum.com I will share more about what you need to be doing now once you identify your targets and strategically set your marketing plan next you should focus on your lead follow up because seventy percent of your business will come from your follow up so you need to perfect your system you need to develop a pipeline of now and future sellers that you nurture and stay top of mind with and I would also encourage you to position yourself as the consultant and the advisor who can help them make the big decisions they need to make when moving up moving down or investing see data is easy for them to come by but your knowledge and wisdom is special so the good news too is that even with all of the information that is available to them I read somewhere the other day seventy-five percent of homeowners select a real estate agent they know and trust so your goal is to be that agent so here are the questions I want you to ask yourself have you analyzed the competition so what are their strengths and their weaknesses do you know who lives in those homes in your market and what type of information would be interesting to them and is your marketing material setting you up as an expert and does it have a strong call to action okay so we want to be strategic we want to be powerful and we want to show them that you are the expert they should be reaching out to all right so make it a great day and I will talk to you soon.

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