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Debbies’ Tip’s – 5555 and 5


Hello welcome to ReboReports and my name is Debbie De Grote and today we’re doing another Debbie’s Daily Tip. Alright so I want to talk to you about a very easy activity that you can take on, commit to and do for the rest of your career. Alright we call it the 5555 the four 5’s. Five contacts a day. Eye to eye or ear to ear. So these are quality contacts that could create new business. A buyer or a seller transaction. Next five emails again five emails to create new business, five texts and five handwritten notes. Now as coach what I like you to make more contacts than that? Of course I would, in fact ideally I’d like to have you make 20 eye to eye or ear to ear contacts per day. A hundred per week, yet I know the truth is many of the people that will watch this video will not do that. So I know that if I can just get you to consistently make five contacts, five emails, five texts and five handwritten notes a day. That will only take you about an hour and a half a day now most of you work about 285 days a year so here’s the good news at the end of the year. You would have made 5,700 great connections. So I think it’s worth it don’t you? 5555 and five. Now if you’d like a copy of the tracking form that we give our clients who are participating in this activity, go ahead and email me Debbie@excellium.com and we’ll get you a copy of the form right away. Alright have a good day and think about who are your five people going to be that you’re going to reach out to tomorrow.

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