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Debbies’ Tip’s – Holding The Line on Commission


Hello welcome to ReboReports and my name is Debbie De Grote and today we’re doing another Debbie’s Daily Tip. Okay so here’s what we’re talking about today “Holding the line on commission”. You know often agents are looking to increase their profit to net more money and they often think of selling more homes which of course we want you to do and I know you want to do. And yet I want you to also focus on really showing the seller what you’re worth. Doing an

outstanding presentation, practicing your commission objection handlers. So that you know how to overcome the Commission objection and be prepared to fight for and to earn what you’re worth. Now I know it’s not easy and most of you are in highly competitive markets and that’s exactly why I want to offer you an opportunity for a free report on

holding the line on Commission so if you’d like a copy of that you can just reach out to me at Debbie at excel IAM dot-com and i’m also going to make sure the team at rebo has a copy of that report for you as well so read it and I’m going to ask you to do just one thing that I know you can do stop volunteering to cut commission at least make them ask you okay so have a great day go earn what you’re worth and we’ll get you a copy of that report on the way as soon as you request it.

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