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Debbies’ Tip’s – How Do I know If I Should Hire a Coach?


Hello my name is Debbie DeGrote and I am the Owner and President of Excelleum Coaching and Consulting and you’ve probably noticed on this website I do lots of stuff for ReboGateway I love the fact that they get you out their prospecting and working and provide tools for you. Now I do a lot of webinars and because of these videos I often get requests from people saying “How do I know if I should hire a coach? Do I really need to hire a coach?” You know I kind of know what I need to do, I just need to do it. Well after a couple of decades of coaching some of the best across the nation. I’ve pretty much have heard at all. Here’s what I would say to you, Is it right to hire a coach? Well let me ask you this. All of the terrific tools that you’ve purchased through ReboGateway, are you using them at the highest level? Do you know how to select which of these programs or tools would be the most powerful for you, personally? Are you a hundred percent confident on how to create your action plan? What scripts you need to say and what the follow-up needs to be? Do you know what the other top competitors across the nation are doing and how to use some of those strategies? See I think the reality is no matter where you’re at in your career we can all always use a coach a mentor and advisor. Because if you look at top athletes and top performers they all have something in common they have coaches. Because quite frankly we only know what we know, we don’t know what we don’t know. I read
something the other day and I really want you to think about this. tThey said that the 80-20 rule is going to go away and you know what I mean. That twenty percent of the agents do eighty percent of the business. They said and instead that that’s shifting to the 90-10 rule. Ten percent of the agents will be doing ninety percent of the business and in the top 10% ninety percent have coaches. So you may want to think about it now is Excelleum the right company for you? I don’t know that’s for you to decide. We believe in custom coaching, we believe in working with people who are committed and open-minded to growing their business. Because of my connection with ReboGateway my senior coaches have set aside in their schedules two spaces
in each schedule over the course of the next week. So that if you would like to reach out because you have an interest in getting some help and have a one hundred percent no strings attached complimentary conversation we’re here to help you. Would like to see you grow, Rebo would like to see you do well. So we’re here to help, take advantage of it give us a call and you can reach out a DebbieDeGrote@excelleum.com or debbie@excelleum.com or you can call me at 714.625.5226 for go to www.Businessstrategycall.com. We’ll get you taken care of all right, I’ll talk to you soon.

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