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Debbies’ Tip’s – How to Approach Divorcing Couples For a Listing


Hello my name is Debbie DeGrote and I am the Owner and President of Excelleum Coaching and Consulting and many of you know I’ve been in the Real Estate industry since the age of 18, just a few years. And have been coaching for many many years. And my family is a real estate family some of you may even know my husband Don DeGrote and my daughter’s Taylor and Erika recently joined him in the business. Now they are ReboGateway users because
of course my daughters are building their business and their building it with prospecting aggressively. Now Taylor came in the other day and asked a question that I thought probably you might have on your mind. She said “You know if I’m working divorce or some of these other segments, where I might feel it’s a little touchy. In other words Should I really call and say hey, I know you filed for divorce. Do you want to sell your house?.” well first of all probably there be absolutely nothing wrong with that because filing for divorce it’s a matter of public record, you know they probably need help they may be crabby they may not be. Some of your personalities might be perfectly fine just hitting that head on. Nothing wrong with it, but you see I knew that Taylor wasn’t going to be likely to use that approach. So I said “You know honey, you have buyers why don’t you just call them and say you know I’m calling to find out if you have any thoughts about selling your home. It’s a low inventory market and we have buyers who really would like to live in your neighborhood.“ Now maybe they’re going to tell her yes maybe no. And what I said to her, she actually asked me “wWhy is this different than just cold calling in general?” and I said “Because Rebo has done their statistics and I may not be quoting Brian just exactly right but I think I am, that twenty-two percent of people who file for divorce ultimately sell the property. So we can do the needle in a haystack and just call a random neighborhood or we can call this group as if we’re calling randomly but knowing that twenty two percent of them are likely to sell. Makes the odds a little bit better and the game just a little bit more fun. So you can work harder or you can work smarter. I think smarter is better don’t you?All right I’ll talk to you soon, have a great day.

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