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Debbie’s Tips – What Is Your Prospecting Environment Like?


Sometimes I talk to some of you and you tell me. “I’m just not getting the prospecting results I want.”. There are so many things we could talk about, but one of the things I often ask is. “What is your prospecting environment like?“. And I hear all kinds of things… “Well, I sit at the kitchen counter…And I talk on a phone on the wall”. You know guys its not the dark ages, right? So lets get a headset, get an autodialer. Set up your environment to succeed. Clean up the mess on your desk. Post some motivational things where you can see them. Maybe you have a dream board, you have your goals in front of you. You know, make it pleasant. You know we have a really nice office and we do that for a reason. Because we work hard everyday, we’re on the phone. So we want great things to look at. We want music in the background, We want comfortable headsets. We don’t want anything to get in the way of our prospecting results. So invest a little bit of time, just a little bit of money and let’s clean up that environment. So that you’re set to succeed.

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