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Debbie’s Tip’s – Investing in YOUR Business


Hi my name is Debbie DeGrote and I’m the Owner and President of Excelleum Coaching & Consulting and this is the next segment of ReboReports Debbie’s Tips’. I want to talk to you today about investing in your business, investing in yourself and your business I should say. Often when I meet with Real Estate agents, I find that they buy things impulsively  that are going to “help” them grow their business. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. And yet I find that often the things that they buy are are perfectly great tools and resources. And for some reason they simply don’t use them. So obviously if you’re watching this you’re probably participating in your Rebo product. I’m hope your prospecting, I hope you’re using it to its maximum capacity, but if you’re not you should be. And if you’re buying other things that you’re not  utilizing you know you may wanna go through the list and say, “What do I really need, that’s going to actually help me grow my business?” You know when people come to us in a they look at joining coaching this is one of the things they often look at. This is an investment in myself and in my business. Unfortunately whether you’re using the ReboGateway product or you’re signing up for coaching with us. It is tax-deductible however we all want you to maximize your return by actually doing the work. So would encourage you sit down and look at what you need to do and what you need to invest to take your business to the next level. I will talk to you soon and the next Debbie Tip’s.

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