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Mentor Mondays – The Three Rs to a Successful Business

Clearly, we here at ReboReports need to rewatch and learn from our coaching videos (particularly those about being organized), not just share them with you. This particular Mentor Mondays, discussing the “three Rs to a successful business,” was supposed to go out to you in June, the perfect time to evaluate your progress at the […]

Mentor Mondays – No More Excuses

The appraisal came in low… The inspector found some serious problems with the foundation… The bank decided to foreclose even though the short sale was proceeding well… The buyer unexpectedly became unemployed… Even the most promising real estate transaction isn’t closed until it’s closed. Thousands of different things can (and do) go wrong, and many […]

Mentor Mondays – Motivation and Discipline

Being successful isn’t just a matter of having the necessary skills and abilities to do your job. We all know talented but unsuccesssful slackers – and none of us want to be like them. In this Mentor Mondays video, our Real Estate Coach Jeff Petsche discusses the importance not only of motivation, but, more importantly, […]