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Be Informed – Open House Greeting

Of the entire process of selling a home to the right buyer, you have very few instances to make a strong first impression, and the importance of the open house greeting cannot be overstressed. It sounds relatively simple, "Welcome to our open house. This four bedroom, three bath home stands out with a highly competitive price point of $165,000." Unfortunately, too much information will overwhelm and make potential buyers skittish of your understanding of their wants and needs.

Be Informed – The Mortgage Buy Down Theory

Today we will discuss the mortgage buy down theory. This is used when interest rates are trending to rise. Funny that the fed central bank rate seems to have more impact than the long bond which is directly associated to mortgage interest rates. Therefore we have heard in the past few months that consumers have a fear of higher interest rates placing pressure on their ability to purchase a home. There are several legal ways to overcome this fear that most are not aware of or have forgotten.