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Title Talk – Intro to trustee sales

Everyone has stories about how their barber’s cousin’s neighbor got an amazing deal on a foreclosure by going to the courthouse steps for an auction – a trustee’s sale.  Usually, those stories end with a description of how much profit the person made by flipping the distressed property.  However, for each of these tales, there […]

Title Talk – What is title insurance?

Title insurance is necessary, but sometimes it can be hard to explain to your clients why they need it.  In this short video, Bill Bergschneider, president of USA National Title Company, clarifies what title insurance is, why it’s necessary, and how it differs from other types of insurance.  It’s a great refresher, so watch it […]

Title Talk – Navigating short sales

Everyone in the real estate industry has, or knows someone who has, a short sale horror story… but with the proper preparation and a bit of luck, they can go smoothly too. Title companies see many short sales, and so we invited Bill Bergschneider, the President of USA National Title Company, to share his short […]