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RLRE – Objection Handling – “What’s your commission?”

Even if you’re expecting a specific objection from the person you’re talking with, you may still wind up at a loss for words if you’re not properly prepared. That’s one of the goals for this series – providing you with examples and strategies to fall back upon, and to encourage you to practice your answers to common questions. In this video, real estate coach Dan Smith, and top producer Pablo Rener, take on the question of commission, particularly when raised in an initial conversation with a potential client. Their role-play may help you be more prepared the next time you’re asked the same question – because you know you will be.

RLRE – Objection Handling – “After the holidays…”

If you’ve been in the real estate business for more than 10 months or so, chances are you’ve heard the classic excuse from potential clients: “After the holidays…” Sure, you can say “ok” and put them on your calendar to call back in January, but there’s another strategy, a strategy which can help make your holidays much happier. In this first video in our objection-handling role play series, real estate coach Dan Smith and top producer Pablo Rener show you how to convince someone that the holiday season IS the best time to sell a home.