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Real Life Real Estate – Open House OPPORTUNITIES (Part 2)

Finally, the video that all of you have been waiting for (at least, since last week’s Part 1 of this two-part series) – how to walk out of an open house with actual appointments, not just leads! Need we say more? Watch the video!

Real Life Real Estate – Open Houses are OPPORTUNITIES!

Whether you love holding open houses or hate them, look forward to them or dread them, they’re an important part of the real estate industry, particularly as the market picks up again. And even more important is to not waste the opportunities that open houses present. We’re not just talking about a list of potential leads who wander through and (hopefully) leave their email address or phone number on your signup list. As real estate coach Dan Smith talks about in this first of two videos, open houses can yield far better results if you know how to work them. Take a few minutes to watch this video, then run next weekend’s open houses with this new approach, and let us know what kind of difference these changes make in your open house experiences.

Real Life Real Estate – Take the Lead on Following-Up

ReboGateway is all about information which you can turn into leads, “life events” which make a home owner more likely to sell. But the focus of this week’s Real Life Real Estate is not on getting the leads, it’s on following up on those leads once you have them. No matter how you find the […]